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Late Police Officer’s wife appreciates Kedrick Scribner Foundation for the support she received

Meet a brave young girl from Lagos Nigeria, whose father served in the Nigeria Police Force, but passed away 13 years ago, leaving behind her mother and 6 children.

In this emotional interview, she shared with us the tough times her family goes through since the passing of her father. But despite it all, her family is hopeful for a brighter tomorrow.


The Kedrick Scribner Foundation is thrilled to unveil its highly anticipated Widow’s Mite 4.0 program with the theme "Hope Beyond Grief."


Welcome to the Kedric Scribner Vocational Center, where empowerment and skill-building come to life. Our center is dedicated to providing hands-on training and vocational education, equipping individuals with the tools they need for sustainable careers. Explore our gallery to see the vibrant community, innovative programs, and success stories that define our commitment to fostering independence and professional growth.

Baltimore outreach

In a beautiful gesture of generosity, our foundation extended a helping hand to families in need at St. Vincent de Paul Sarah’s Hope Family Shelter in Baltimore, MD. We donated 210 blankets and specially curated Care Packets filled with essential items and toys for children. These donations were aimed at providing comfort and joy to families during the holiday season.

widows mite 3.0

Widow's Mite 3.0 coincides with the inauguration of the Kedrick Scribner Vocational Center, a testament to the Foundation’s dedication to widows’ empowerment, located at HEKAN, Mounted Troops Police Barracks, Ikeja, Lagos. The center will offer free vocational and computer trainings, along with business development opportunities for widows and their children. The Vocational Training includes a 6-month free certificate course in sewing, featuring one-on-one instruction in pattern cutting, dressmaking, and traditional wear making. To support their families, the trained widows will have access to sewing machines for crafting clothing for sale. A 6-month free computer course will also be offered, covering beginner to advanced skills for the widows and their children.

Widows mite 2.0

Widow’s Mite 2.0 featured a three-day event that offered medical testing and free medical insurance for 180 Widows of the Fallen Heroes of the Nigeria Police Force. Furthermore, 25 fully paid scholarships were granted to the children of widows for a four-year program at some federal universities in Nigeria.

widows mite 1.o

Widow’s Mite 1.0 was a resounding success, providing provisions to over 60 Widows of the Fallen Heroes of the Nigerian Police Force. During the event, we provided provisions of essential items such as rice, cooking oil, sauces, spices, powdered milk, flour, canned items, etc., to over 60 Widows of the Fallen Heroes of the Nigeria Police Force.

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