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Welcome to Kedrick Scribner Foundation, a non-profit foundation and charity organization

“At Kedrick Scribner Foundation, we are dedicated to crafting a world where every individual Feels loved”

“Rooted in compassion and driven by action, our organization envisions a future where people are empowered, communities are resilient, and opportunities abound for all”

“Central to our mission in Kedrick Scribner Foundation is the belief that every person deserves access to fundamental human rights such as education, healthcare support, and dignified livelihoods. As a non-profit foundation and charity organization, we work tirelessly to support underprivileged individuals, particularly families of the fallen heroes of the Nigeria Police force and veterans in the United States.”

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Our initiatives span a spectrum of endeavors, from educational scholarships to healthcare initiatives and vocational skills acquisition. We provide essential care to underprivileged individuals


Baltimore outreach

In a beautiful gesture of generosity, our foundation extended a helping hand to families in need at St. Vincent de Paul Sarah’s Hope Family Shelter in Baltimore, MD. We donated 210 blankets and specially curated Care Packets filled with essential items and toys for children. These donations were aimed at providing comfort and joy to families during the holiday season.

widow's mite 1.0

Widow's mite 1.0

our Recent Event
(widows mite 3.0)

We recently held an event, Widows Mite 3.0, where we brought together, widows of the fallen  heroes of the Nigeria Police Force and their families from different barracks within Lagos Metropolis.

The event was held at the Mounted Troops Police barracks, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.

upcoming Event

Widows Mite 4.0
June 29-30th, 2024

We care and provide for families of the fallen heroes of the Nigeria Police Force.

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